Richard Castle 
Vital Statistics
Title Best-Selling Author
Full Name Richard Edgar Castle

Richard Alexander Rodgers (given)

Gender Male
Occupation Mystery Writer

Civilian Investigator or Consulting Detective

Significant Other/s
  • Lillian Carter (1 child)
  • Meredith (ex-wife, 1 child)
  • Gina Cowell (ex-wife)
  • Kate Beckett (current wife, 2 kids)
  • Martha Rodgers
  • Jackson Hunt
  • Alexis Castle
  • Lizzie Castle
  • Johnathon Castle
  • Richard Castle Jr.
Character Information
Appearances All Episodes
Portrayed by Nathan Fillion

Richard "Rick" Castle is the only son of Martha Rodgers and Jackson Hunt. His middle name was orginally Alexander but he changed it to Edgar. He is currently married to Katherine Castle (nee Beckett). He has four children; 2 twin boys and 2 girls. His oldest Alexis, he had with his first wife, Meredith. His second oldest Lizzie, he had with high school sweatheart Lillian Carter. And lastly his two twin boys, Richard Jr and Johnathon Castle with his current wife Kate.


Richard Edgar/Alexander Castle is the writing consultant for 12th Precnict. He orginally started working alongside his current wife Kate as research for a new character he was basing on Kate, Nikki Heat. But over the years he and her developed feelings for her. In the first episode, Richard meets his long lost lovechild Lizzie.

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