Lizzie Castle
Vital Statistics
Title Junior Writer, Intern
Full Name Elizabeth Carter

Elizabeth Katherine Castle (given by dad)

AKA Lizzie or Liz
Gender Female
Status Alive
Significant Other/s Nate Meyers (boyfriend)
  • Alexis Castle (older sister)
  • Johnathon Castle
  • Richard Castle Jr

Richard Castle

  • Martha Rodgers (paternal grandmother)
  • Jackson Hunt (paternal grandfather)
  • Walter Carter (maternal grandfather)
  • Eliza Quenn (maternal grandmother)
Other Family
  • Darrel Carter (maternal uncle)
  • Luke Carter (maternal cousin)
Character Information
Appearances All Episodes
Portrayed by Tori Trumbull

Elizabeth "Lizzie or Liz" Katherine Castle is the lovechild of Richard Castle and his high school sweatheart Lillian Carter. Lizzie was orginally named after her maternal grandmother. But when her father changed her birth certificate to Castle instead of Carter, he gave her the middle name Katherine, after his girlfriend, but when Gates asked what made him choose the name, Lizzie lied saying it was her great-aunt's name, to keep her father's and Kate Beckett's relationship. She is almost never called Elizabeth, not even by her mom who gave the name to her. She has three half-siblings all from her father. An older sister Alexis and two younger twin brothers Johnathon and Richard Jr.


Early LifeEdit

Lizzie lived with her mom up until age 12, when her mother was murdered. She and her mother had been similar in many ways. According to Lizzie, they shared the love of cooking and sewing, but also the ability to care for young children and animals. Lizzie didn't know about her father until after her mother's death, when the social sercuity stated that her uncle Darrel was not fit to take care of two children, because he had a 15 year old son of his own Luke, and she was either given over to her father or social services to be put into foster homes.

Living with her FatherEdit

Lizzie had first met her dad at a book signing when she was 9, but her mother didn't go up with her instead sent a 12 year old Lucas, to avoid conflict with Rick. When she first showed up at her father's door, they had no scientific proof that Rick was her father. But as she and Rick spent more time together, even he began to notice the multiple things that they had in common. She and her father had done a paternity test, and after Rick had accidentally fed her brocoli, in which Lizzie's highly allergic to, causes her to need to go to the hospital, there Lizzie's maternal uncle Darrel and cousin Luke greet them, Lizzie confesses to her uncle that she lied about going on vacation with a friend, and tells Rick that if he isn't her father or doesn't take custody of her she would have to go to a foster home. Then social services come to take Lizzie claiming that it's obvious Rick isn't cut out for taking care of her and they have the right since there was no biological proof of Rick being Lizzie's father, they start to take her away but Lanie calls Rick over and tells him that Lizzie is his daughter, and Rick stops them to tell him that the law says a biological parent has full rights to custody of their child.



"She is so much like you in many ways, funny and witty, she's smart, and loves to write."

-Liz's mom about her in a letter to Rick

Rick Castle (father)Edit

Her father had always been the child friend kind of father, Liz fathered him more and though she got in a lot of trouble with her father's work and defintely needed more father-daughter talks than Alexis, but overall had a good relationship with her dad and loved spending time with him and and the people at 12th Prencit.She at first seemed very thrilled to be with her dad, but then as it seemed to hit her more that she didn't really know her father. Even though they were so similar in personality, up to the point where Esposito and Ryan called her "Princess Castle", she and her dad didn't know anything about each other, and in the first episode Castle feeds her brocoli, which she is highly allergic to, and causes it for her to be sent to the hospital.

Kate Beckett (stepmother)Edit

Her father and Kate had been dating for a while before Lizzie had came to Rick's as his daughter. Actually when Lizzie first showed up at Rick's apartment Kate and Rick had been in bed together. And when Kate and Castle got engaged, Lizzie seemed more than happy to have Kate as her new stepmom, even so far enough to actually call her "Mom" and actually went to Kate for most advice and Lizzie's middle name is actually Katherine, after Kate.


Richard Castle Jr: He is the oldest of Lizzie's twin half-brothers. Lizzie calls her brother "RJ". She is often seen taking care of him, especially when her father and her mom went back to work. As RJ got older, he and his twin brother John tend to fight. Including the time where they had fight over who was Lizzie's favorite. He loves his sister very much, and the two almost never fight.

Johnathon Castle: He is the younger of Lizzie's twin half-brothers. Lizzie calls him "Johnny". She is often seen taking care of him and his brother Rick Jr or RJ, especially when her father and mom went back to work. As Johnny got older, he and his twin brother RJ began to fight. Including the time they fought over who Lizzie liked better. He and sister almost never fight. Though he preferred to spend time with Alexis.

Alexis Castle: She and her sister didn't talk as much as she did with her brothers, she and Alexis got along very well. Alexis took Lizzie shopping, and Lizzie often went to Alexis for advice on boys. Like her sister, she often parented her father and grandmother. Lizzie was always more like Castle, and her and Alexis didn't share much in common.

Luke Carter (cousin)Edit

She and her older cousin did everything together. Lizzie said that "Luke was always more like an older brother to me rather a cousin." Stating that the two had a very close relationship. All of Lizzie's memory included Luke and his father. Luke was the only child of Lizzie's uncle Darrel. He, like his cousin, only ever knew one parent. His mother died at his birth, but unlike Lizzie's mom, Darrel had been married to Luke's mother at the time of his birth.

Darrel Carter (uncle)Edit

He is the younger brother of Lizzie's mom. He lives with his only son Luke, and was supposed to gain custody of his niece Lizzie after his sister's death. He lives in Upstate, so he is very close to his parents whom took Lillian's death very hard. She and her uncle have a healthy relationship. She states that she always saw Darrel as her father.


Nate CollinsEdit

Though Nate is a year older than Lizzie, she and Nate met back in preschool, he had started late,both had been shooting crayons at the teacher, and they both got detention for it. Ever since then they had been best friends. About 4 months before Lillian Carter's death, Nate had moved with his father Nick Collins to New York City. His dad had gotten a new job and the reason he offered to go with him because his stepmom had been abusing him. Nate and Lizzie had met up again, after Nate's father Nick Collins was murdered, and Lizzie's father Rick Castle and his girlfriend Kate Beckett got the case. Nate tells Rick the truth about what happened to Lillian Carter, that she was in fact murdered by the same guy that killed his father and she had not died of illness. Nate had gotten a job as an intern in the Prencit. Nate asked Lizzie out later and Lizzie declined, but after Lizzie talked to her sister Alexis, Kate Beckett, and her father's mother Martha, she accepted. Rick had spied on them for their first date, though Nate saw him, he had promised not to tell Lizzie, this allowed Rick to give Nate a bit of trust. When Lizzie and Rick had gotten kidnapped, Nate went in with Kate Beckett to find them. Though Kate tried to talk Nate out of it for his own risk, he tells her "I will not rest until Lizzie is safe, and so is her father." Telling that Nate was protective of Lizzie and her father. And as they were resucing Lizzie and Castle, gunshots were fired and in an instant Nate pulled Castle and Beckett to the ground, accidentally leaving Lizzie in the open, who had been shot in the shoulder.


"The combination of her personality is amazing. She's contradiction of everything trait that's special."

-Luke Carter on Lizzie.

Lizzie was often compared to the people around, like her dad, Kate Beckett, and Martha Rodgers. She's very funny and sarcastic. She's very athletic she tends to play multiple sports. She likes to be very active, like involved. She tends to have a hard time to say no to people when they ask her to do stuff for them. She tends to act mean and intimidating, and most of the time it's an act, unless you make her mad by being annoying or talking about her family in a negative way. She's very family-oriented, she's very protective of the ones she loves and cares about. She's very loud. She loves to help people and enjoys doing favors for them. She is very good at giving advice. She loves to help people fall in love, yet doesn't do almost anything when it comes to herself. She is an amazing writer, and loves to act. She also has a talent and knack for singing, but never shows it because of an incident back in 6th grade.


  • Lizzie was born sometime in April.
  • Lizzie's love for crime fighting and writing comes from her father.
  • Lizzie doesn't get along with her maternal grandmother Eliza
  • Lizzie's babysitted Nate Collin's younger brother Nyle.
  • Other than her uncle Darrel, Nick Collins was her other main father figure for her childhood.
  • Her maternal grandparents had split before Lizzie's birth.
  • Unlike her sister Alexis, Lizzie had lied multiple times. Once to her uncle, and twice to Rick: One about why Darrel didn't get custody of her, and Two how her mother died.
  • Lizzie knows how to shoot a gun.
  • Lizzie has a locket that has her mother's picture in it. It consists of four pockets. It orginally had: one of Lillian, one of Lizzie, one of Darrel, and one of Luke. Currently it now consists: one of Lillain, one of Lizzie and Rick, one of Kate, Alexis, RJ, and John, and one of Darrel and Luke.

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